The main goal of Nofima’s Aquaculture division is for our research to generate new opportunities and contribute to solving the challenges of aquaculture. Photo: Terje Aamodt@Nofima

Aqua Nor seminar: Where salmon biology meets new technology

 Breeding and genetics    Fish health    Nutrition and feed technology    Production biology  

Nofima cordially invites you to six short and newsworthy presentations.

Date: 20. August 2019
Location: Trondheim - in the tent by the main entrance to the Aqua Nor fair
Price: Free

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Scientists will present new research findings about the interface between salmon biology and new technology. Presentations will illustrate how emerging technologies can improve our understanding of fish biology and how fish biology can shape technological and operational developments in aquaculture.

Hear about:

  • Existing and emerging tools for monitoring fish welfare in aquaculture systems – Chris Noble
  • The oils of the millennium feed meet the salmon’s need – Bente Ruyter
  • Fish mucosal barriers – living sensors to a changing environment – Carlo Lazado
  • Salmon production in Norway under climate change – Elisabeth Ytteborg
  • Could gene editing transform future salmon aquaculture? – Nick Robinson
  • Closed containment aquaculture – full throttle with brake on – Åsa Espmark

Time: 13.00-14.00 Tuesday 20 August.
Place: Aqua Nor fair in Trondheim.
Language: English
Coffee, tea and water is served.

After the seminar you can dive down into the subjects that the scientist has presented, by reading extra material, or meet them at Nofima stand A-129 at “Forskningstorget” Tuesday between 14 and 15.

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