Photo of Nofima´s communication departement
Nofima´s communication departement. From left: Reidun Lilleholt Kraugerud, Wenche Aale Hægermark, Wilhelm Andreas Solheim, Emil Bremnes, Morgan Lillegård, Lidunn Mosaker Boge og Anne-May Johansen. Foto: Nofima

Media Contacts

Nofima presents research results through many channels. We place a great deal of emphasis on openness in all of our projects and work actively to publish our results, unless otherwise agreed with the clients.

Contact person
Portrettbilde av Morgan Lillegård
Morgan Lillegård

Chief Information Officer
Phone: +47 416 10 130

We can also help the media to find experts in a particular area. Try our feature “Find an expert” or contact us, and we will put you in contact with the right person in our organisation.

Reidun Lilleholt Kraugerud (Division Aquaculture)

Wenche Aale Hægermark (Division Food Science)

Lidunn Mosaker Boge (Division Seafood)

Emil Bremnes (EU projects)

Anne-May Johansen (Social media, Creating value)

Wilhelm Solheim (Web)

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We can also provide images for free use when writing about Nofima. A selection of these images can be found on our flickr pages. Contact us if you need any further images.