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In land base RAS systems, Diverse design parameters, operating conditions and functional parameters characterize the hydrodynamic behavior of the tanks. Appropriate design of larger culture tanks should appraise 3D flow effects, which add additional complexity to the system. Developing the full flow-structure in large culture tanks is therefore not straight forward due to the presence of multiple solid boundaries and prevailing flow non-linearities. Therefore, an acceptable solution with defendable assumptions is usually sought.
Therefore, I’m the one who is developing those computational models using CFD tools for culture tank hydrodynamics to predict the flow behavior in culture tanks and distinguish the physics behind the relatively small and large tanks with and without fish at Nofima.
-Masters from Chalmers university of Technology, Goteborg, Sweden
-PhD from University of Naples Federico II, Naples,, Italy
-Post-doc from KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

-SCCS Cermaq

Skills and expertise
-Modeling and Simulations
-Computational fluid dynamics
-Fish Tank Designing
-CAD designing