Sensometrics 2020 – Sense the Energy – 6.-9. oktober

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The Conference brings together world’s leading statisticians, psychologists, sensory scientists and market researchers with a common interest in solving problems of measurement and data analysis in the areas of sensory and consumer science. Due to Covid-19 situation, the conference will be a virtual conference.

Dato: 6. oktober 2020 – 9. oktober 2020
Sted: Online
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Ingunn Berget

Tlf.: +47 415 45 207

The main aims of the Sensometrics conferences are:

  • to increase the awareness of the special methodologies and statistical methods used in the analysis of sensory and consumer science data,
  • to improve the communication and co-operation between persons interested in the scientific principles, methods and applications of sensometrics,
  • to serve as an interdisciplinary meeting to disseminate scientific knowledge on the field of sensometrics.

Invited speakers

Harald Martens (NTNU and Idletechs AS, Norway): “Quantitative Intuition: Combining prior knowledge and big data”

Marieke E. Timmerman (Psychometrics and Statistics, Heymans Institute for Psychological Research, University of Groningen, the Netherlands): “Segmentation with complex data: Arriving at an insightful representation”

Michael Meyners (Procter & Gamble Service GmbH, Germany): “Controversy regarding relevance and rigor of Sensometrics for industrial applications”


  • Applying Text Mining Mthods for Sensory Evaluation Research  (Sebastian Le, Jakob Lahne, Leah Hamilton, Leticia Vidal, Jean McEwan and others)
  • Joint SSP and sensometrics workshop: Artificial Intelligence in Sensory practice: Separating Promise from Hype (Rafal Drabek, Amanda Grzeda, John Enis, Leah Hamilton=


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