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Packaging of dry cured sausages – how to maintain colour and taste?

Discoloration Dry cured sausages contain the muscle pigment myoglobin, which combined with nitrite and lowering of the pH makes a red/pink colour of the final products. Most of Norwegian dry cured sausages are sliced and packaged in modified atmospheres. The gas is usually either all nitrogen or a blend of nitrogen and some carbon dioxide. […]


Merely: the salt

Certain things we do every day may seem so simple. For example, all we have to do in order to get a cup of coffee is to press a button and wait for a couple of moments. Another thing we consider simple, is salting of meat. It takes almost no effort and such a short time to be done. It is as simple as that.


The E. coli outbreak: The source of infection may be food

So far, a source of the E. coli O157 bacteria which has caused a recent national disease outbreak has not been found. Investigation into the outbreak is led by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Experience has shown that food is an important source for this type of infection. Nofima Mat is assisting the food industry with our know-how in order to ensure safe food production and safe food for consumers.


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