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Commencement of EU project aimed at boosting aquaculture through selective breeding

Globally there is an increasing demand for aquaculture products. The aquaculture sector is relatively young and there is a need to increase productivity and profitability while reducing the impact on the environment. Major improvements can be made by establishing new and better selective breeding programmes. The European research project FISHBOOST will advance European aquaculture to the next level for six aquaculture species.


Rest materials from herring being tested for new drugs

“My PhD thesis demonstrates that it is important to study protein interactions with small ligands. These small molecules from herring have been applied in the trial with HIV enzymes. We have observed that these ligands have influenced the HIV enzymes,” says Tony Christopeit. He is a scientist in marine biology at the food research institute Nofima. On February 14 this year, he defended his PhD thesis entitled “Protein Interaction Studies with Low Molecular Weight Ligands”.


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