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The overall objective of FutureEUAqua is to effectively promote sustainable growth of resilient to climate changes, environmental friendly organic and conventional aquaculture of major fish species and low trophic level organisms in Europe, to meet future challenges with respect to the growing consumer demand for high quality, nutritious and responsibly produced food.


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Macro algae is one of the world’s largest renewable biomasses. It’s potential for creating values is underutilized in the Nordic countries. Sustainability is a key concept for Nofima and therefore macro algae is one of the strategic focus areas. In recent years, the strategic focus has been on cultivation, processing and extraction, especially from sugar […]


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The health and welfare of farmed and captured aquatic animals is becoming increasingly important for current and future aquaculture systems. We need to improve our understanding of their health and welfare status to strengthen the resilience and robustness of both the animals and the industry.



CtrlAQUA is a Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) that will lay the foundation for the development of closed-containment concepts of the future. With greater control of the production process, it will be possible to reduce problems associated with mortality and sea lice, and to reduce the production time for farmed salmon.


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