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Digital plaza for research and innovation

Eight research and innovation institutions take part in Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital, which, from 18-20 August, will be livestreamed from Trondheim. The Forskningstorget (Research Plaza) mini-seminars are a part of the main programme of the digital exhibition, meaning you can get the latest news from research and innovation in fisheries and seafood straight to your browser […]


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Sea lice prevention is better than the cure

In a new article titled Prevention not cure: a review of methods to avoid sea lice infestations in salmon aquaculture, researchers from the University of Melbourne, Norwegian Institute of Marine Research and Nofima argue that methods to prevent sea louse infestations have some key advantages over other strategies, and identify the most promising preventative methods. […]



Success in the Horizon: Nofima has received over €11 million in EU-funding

The Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research is one of Norway’s most successful institutes in terms of obtaining funding for research and innovation projects in Horizon 2020. The Minister of Research and Higher Education, Henrik Asheim, says he is impressed by Nofima’s efforts.


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Salt water acclimatisation strengthens the skin of post-smolt Atlantic salmon

New research shows that Atlantic salmon post-smolt skin that has become acclimatised to salt water is stronger than the skin of post-smolt that have been raised in fresh water before being transferred to the sea. Salt water acclimatisation makes the salmon more resistant to the skin ulcer bacterium called Tenacibaculum.


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