Søkeresultat for «강남안마방주소 ôlö∼3Ö④o∼883① ヴ 미소실장 ヴ 참지마요 バ 강남역안마 № 강남안마 Ф 강남안마 め 강남안마방 ⑮ 강남역안마방실장 ● 강남안마방 ⑮ 강남역안마방실장 ● 강남안마방 ∨derby=relevance»

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Innovation, Consumer and Sensory Sciences

Great taste and food experiences are keys when consumers choose food products. We conduct research on sensory perception, consumer behaviour and innovation processes. The goal is to increase the value creation for food manufacturers and to contribute to a more healthy and sustainable society.


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