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Salmon genes can give more omega-3

The scientists believe the level of omega-3 in the salmon we eat is determined by a combination of the salmon’s genes and the feed it eats.
There is less omega-3 in the fillet when salmon are fed plant-based feed. However, the scientists know that salmon have a certain capacity to convert omega-3 fatty acids from plant oil to marine omega-3. They will now receive help from the salmon’s genes to increase this capacity.


Marinades and shelf life

A combination of packaging with CO2 and marinating gives the best shelf life, concludes Bjørn Schirmer.
Bjørn Schirmer has been investigating how antimicrobial substances found in fruit, spices and herbs can be used in marinades to increase the shelf life of meat and fish. That was when he came across Lactobacillus algidus.


Multifactorial diseases

The goal is a spotless and healthy salmon
Disease in salmon is caused by a number of factors in combination, including many micro-organisms, various environmental influences, aquaculture conditions and incorrect nourishment. If one is ignorant of the factors which contribute to the development of diseases and their relative importance, it is difficult either to prevent them or treat them.


The hunt for Senga Sengana’s successors

Berit Karoline Martinsen has produced jam from many different varieties of strawberry and raspberry.
Which types of strawberry and raspberry are best suited for making jam? For the last five years, researchers, plant breeders and berry and jam producers have been working together to find the answer. About 100 varieties have been tried and a few have passed all the tests.


Historic result

Mackerel is among the winners
The pelagic consumption industry – in other words companies which freeze or process herring, mackerel and capelin for consumption – had its best year ever in 2009. It was also a good year for the clipfish industry.


Vote for the future!

Anita Viga from Skretting was one of the participants who voted on the 25 scenarios for the future of the marine industry.
Twenty-five enthusiastic representatives from the marine industry used response indicators to vote on which trends are likely to occur and be of importance in the period to 2020.


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